Is The Better Choice For Your Groom A Tuxedo Or An Ensemble?

There are many fancy ensembles that have happened upon the bridal scene in the past few years and that has multiplied the options that couples can choose from greatly. Tuxedos are popular but they are no longer the only choice that bridegrooms have anymore. If you are confused about which attire will be the most compatible for your groom, see if these tips can help the both of you out.

What is different?
What are the main differences between an ensemble and a tuxedo? The biggest contrast perhaps, is that while the tuxedo has the element of satin in it, the ordinary ensemble does not. Satin will be used in the former along the lapels, down the legs of the pants and even in pocket linings. While a suit will have parts like suspenders and a vest, a tuxedo will come with accompaniments such as a cummerbund or a vest. There are also hybrids that embody the best of both these items of clothing which can be done right if you manage to find a really good and talented bespoke tailor. The new option in the market is probably something that both brides and groom should definitely look at while planning the attire.

Is it formal enough is the groom wears an ensemble?
Given that an ensemble is something that men tend to wear to the office or even for interviews and formal gatherings, many people feel that it is inadequate or that there is nothing special enough about it to make it suitable for bridegroom attire. But the truth is that if you can get yourself a really great tailor made shirt in Bangkok, you can get an ensemble done that will portray your personal style and class in it that will bring it up to the same level of a tuxedo which is considered much more appropriate for a wedding. However if you and your partner are comfortable the actual attire will not really matter so much. Besides you also need to make sure that the attire you have chosen will keep you comfy through the course of the long day ahead and that is goes hand in hand with the theme that the both of you have decided on as well.

What about the costs?
One very important point that you need to consider is the budget limits that you have and the difference in price between the ensemble and the tuxedo. Needless to say a tuxedo will almost always be priced higher than an ensemble. However, if you are not stitching your own and want to rent out the attire, you will see that the more in use ensemble will start at a higher rental cost as opposed to the tuxedo which is not so much in demand.